• Techtex BDU

    TechTex BDU

    TechTex BDU is heat treated black color non-woven geotextile materials formed by needling high strength 100% virgin polypropylene fibers. TechTex BDU provides resistance to UV rays for 2 years.


    TexhTex BDU ® Geotektsiller; - Provides protection by using geomembranes in construction projects such as landfills and mine waste areas and allows the site to remain open without being closed for 2 years - Reveals the ability of separation and drainage by using it on the ground under the covering material in stream reclamation and flood protection construction - It performs the filtration process of the system by bundling around the drainage gravel layer in the drainage lines created in highway construction.





    High performance with low costs

    TechTex BDU reduces the requirements of fill materials and avoids the amount of excavation required to achieve a specific profile. TechTex BDU ® offers high tensile strength and puncture strength at low product weights, thus reducing construction costs and providing higher performance in the project.

    Techtex BDU

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